Guest Artists Coming to Davenport, IA - Guest Spot w/ Us!

Why guest spot at The silver key tattoo? 

And everything you need to know, up front...
  • We advertise you the following ways:
    • Email Blast - around 5,000 subscribers
    • Facebook - over 21,000 followers
    • Instagram - over 5,500 followers
    • Website - over 2,500 users a month
    • Other: Twitter, Google, Facebook ads and more!

  • You choose what you do! Only do the tattoos you want, that matches your style. All guest artists receive a lot of requests within the first 24 hours of being advertised. If you feel as if you are not getting what you would like, just let us know, and we will focus our advertising efforts to get you more requests, so you are happy with what you are doing while you are here! Your potential clients will fill out an appointment request form that will go directly to your email or Dropbox that will contain information like name, number, email, where they want their tattoo, style of tattoo, color or b&g, tattoo description, photo upload of references for their tattoo, and more; which makes it easier for you to decide if the tattoo is for you or not & provides you with all or most of the details you will need. 

  • You contact and schedule the clients how you would like. We only ask that clients get contacted within 2 weeks of us advetising you. Whether their design was chosen or not. We have a mock-up to send clients that get rejected by you to make your life easier. Or if you prefer to send us the clients rejected, we are happy to do that for you as well. 

  • We supply you with the same thing we supply our artists. Things included at station: lighting, medical tray, paper towels, cavicide, caviwipes, green soap, medical tape, tongue depressors, barrier film, alcohol, distilled water, bottle bags, photo printer, copier, Eikon A4 thermofax machine. Basically just bring your machine, inks, clipcord covers, and if you forget something our artists are happy to help! 

  • Guest artist rate: you get 80%, we get 20%. We believe this is an industry standard for guest artists. We take an account for the cost of traveling and boarding. 

  • We can take deposits for you or you can take them directly. Whatever is easier for you. If you want us to, we will check almost daily and provide you with updates and which clients have provided you with deposits. You choose the deposit amount. 

  • Not licensed in Iowa? We will help you with that. Main requirements is you must be first aid certified, blood borne pathogen certified (first aid and blood borne test online for small fee), high school diploma or GED, an ID or drivers license, and $75 for application. 

  • Conveiently located Airbnb warehouse apartments across the street at a discounted rate! Links to Airbnb will soon be available here. 

  • Looking to eventually relocate and not have to worry about already having clientel? We are the fit for you then! We provide all the clintele and we always start with a guest spot for all artists looking to be a resident artist.