Tattoo Process Scheduling, Tattoo Process, and More

Choosing & Scheduling Your Tattoo

  • First things first, decide the idea for your tattoo. This is something that is going to be on your body forever so our artists want you to be sure. Provide reference images if you can. 
  • Choose the artist you would like to do your tattoo, or let us help you suggest one depending on the tattoo you are looking for. We guarantee we will choose the best artist for your tattoo idea.  
  • The next step is for our receptionist to decide if a tattoo consultation is needed for your tattoo. A tattoo consultation is a meeting with you and the artists to discuss the tattoo.  Most cover-ups and large tattoos do require a consultation. If you would like a consult and we do not offer one, please just ask, we are happy to set up one if you prefer one.
  • When scheduling an appointment, we will request a $50 or $100 deposit that goes towards the overall cost of your tattoo. For larger, multi-session pieces, your tattoo will come off your last appointment. Your deposit is non-refundable although if given a full 48-hour notice we can reschedule your appointment. If you do not provide at least a 48-hour notice of rescheduling, your deposit will be forfeited. After 3 times of rescheduling your appointment, your deposit will be also be kept by the artist.  If you are looking to schedule an appointment, please find out more about our scheduling process by clicking here.
  • Prior to your appointment, the artist will draw up your tattoo. Please note: The majority of our artists do not show illustrations prior to your appointment.  Our artists have many illustrations to work on throughout the week and although the design might be started 1-3 weeks prior to the appointment, they are typically making final touches a night or two prior. Any changes that you would like done to your illustration can be done on the day of the tattoo.  We set up consultations with the artist (for medium to larger tattoos) to get a clear idea of what you are looking to get tattooed.

Your Appointment

  • When you come in for your appointment we will ask you to fill out routine paperwork and take a copy of your ID. Please understand, no I.D. means no tattoo. It is required by law for us to have your ID on file.
  • Next step, your artist will ask you to sit in our waiting area while he/she prepares for you. This might involve them finishing up with their last client, doing final touches to your design (or for smaller tattoos, they typically get drawn the day of), cleaning their station, and preparing their station for a new tattoo.  We go through a vigorous cleaning process for each tattoo. 
  • Our artist will then let you know when he/she is ready and go over their tattoo with you and have you come back to the tattoo area to start putting your stencil on.  During your wait please feel free to make sure everything is correct in your tattoo. After about 5-10 minutes of your stencil drying, it is time for your tattoo. During this time you can wait on the client's tattoo chair or sit in the waiting area, it is completely up to you.
  • If it is your first tattoo or if it has been a while they will explain the entire tattoo process to you.  They will make sure you are comfortable and ready before they start tattooing you.  Also if it is your first tattoo, they will just start with one small line on you to make sure you are ready and comfortable with the pain. We understand that tattoos can be a little scary and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. If you need a break or don't think you can handle it, just let your tattoo artist know and they will be happy to take a break for you.

After Your Tattoo is Completed

  • Once your tattoo is completed the artist will ask you to take a look in the mirror at your new tattoo and ask if you want any adjustments and if you are happy with your tattoo. If you see something you would like changed, this is the time to speak up. If you are happy with your tattoo and would like no changes, they will then talk you through the process of how to take care of your new tattoo. Depending on the size of the tattoo, some artists will suggest you use Saniderm, which is considered a wet-healing process and is a new way a lot of clients are using to heal their tattoo.  Although there is a cost for Saniderm, which the artist will go over with you.  The other way to heal your tattoo is the old-fashioned way, but also a great way is by using unscented lotion or whichever tattoo aftercare product you prefer.  Taking care of your tattoo is extremely important. Please review our tattoo aftercare instructions for your tattoo and if you have any questions about the healing process of your tattoo, please call us at 563-322-0257 and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.