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The Silver Key is Here to Stay

We'll follow John Kautz where ever he goes - he's simply the best in the Quad Cities! Always a great time. My husband and I both love being able to give him an idea and allowing him to run with it. He's a phenomenal artist and has a keen eye for detail and the lines and shape of your body. He does not disappoint!

The Silver Key is beautiful and clean, love the open feel. You get the sense of community and family. It's obvious this shop is here to stay!

~Sarah M.

We'll Be Back

Think we will be repeat customers!!! great job Jesse!!

~Valerie B.

Cream of The Crop

It's the cream of the crop artists all under one roof! Need I say more?!

~Jeremy A.

Amazing People, Amazing Work

Amazing people doing amazing work!! I recommend them every time someone asks me where they should get a tattoo!!

~Bridget P.

Feel Welcomed and Appreciated

My boyfriend Paul had a Japanese style full sleeve, among other works, done by Matt Sorenson years ago and it is so colorful it looks better then some pieces you see brand new. He gets stopped and asked at least three times a week when out in public who and where he had his art work done. The design fits his arm so well we even hear people say they may not be a fan of tattoos but that his work is amazing and it changes their view on how it really is a piece of art. Now we can point all these people to the Silver Key :) We hope to finish it up soon and look forward to seeing Matt who always makes Paul feel welcome and a appreciated customer. He comes highly recommend along with all the silver key staff!

~Hannah N.

Great Atmosphere / Clean Shop

Great place! John Kautz does amazing work I'm very thankful that I found this group of talented artist. Great atmosphere/very clean shop.

~Ashley H.

Don't Miss Out

Wouldn't go anywhere else. Jason is wonderful and always does amazing work. Seriously if you haven't been there yet you're missing out.

~Briana A.

I Won't Go Anywhere Else

I won't go anywhere else! Been following these artists since my first tattoo. I recommend these artists to everyone looking for some ink! They treat you like family and are all open minded, kind individuals. I'm so glad I've had the pleasure of getting work from here!

~Autumn S. 

Love My Tattoo

Love my tattoo done by Megan Reinhart!!!

~Traci N. 

A Great Experience

I've had a great experience at The Silver Key. Jesse came up with some great ideas taking an older tat of mine to the next level and made it more than I ever thought it could be. I'm so pleased. He was also very accommodating poor guy had to stand up most of the time when doing my tat. It's difficult for me to lay on my stomach for any length of time and this is no small tattoo I'll be on the third setting next week. I will go back already have something in mind. I talked to a few younger gals that were concerned about getting a tattoo there because they didn't notice any private room in the tattoo shop and they are kind of modest there is no need to worry they have a privacy screen they will put up around you after I told them about the privacy screen they said they would definitely check it out. How refreshing to go into a shop where everyone is nice and friendly and makes you feel very comfortable as Jesse said to me when I apologized for not being able to lie down on my stomach he said its all about YOU not me its all about YOU. I don't think I've ever had anything all about me. lol

~Tami D. 

A Must For Serious Tattoo Lovers

Beautiful shop, great artists. Definitely a must for any serious tattoo lovers. You won't regret it.

~Debra T.

Great, Great Artists!

Been gettin tattooed by Matt Sorenson for awile now! Great great artist!! And so is everyone else in this establishment!!!

~Sam T.

Absolutely Amazing

Absolutely amazing... great artists, I couldn't have asked for anyone better!!!

~Stephanie S.

Beautiful Shop

This Shop is so Beautiful! From the design to the art work! It was an unbelievable treat to follow the talented Ryan Ross!

~Traci D.

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