Covid-19 Precautions for coronavirus


Please review our new guidelines/policies to help make your tattoo experience safe for you and us:

  • If you have been ill in any way (this includes allergies) or have been in proximity with anyone who has experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days, please contact via phone OR text at 563-322-0257, to reschedule your appointment. If you show up with symptoms, we will ask you to leave.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, upset, or cannot comply with our new guidelines, please text 563-322-0257, and we will put you on a list for when we lift our Covid-19 guidelines. Please understand, we do not know when that will be. We will be keeping these guidelines until our artists and clients feel comfortable lifting them.
  • Drinks and food may be brought in, but must be stored in the designated area for each artist. 


New steps when you arrive at The Silver Key for your appointment:

  • Masks Guidelines: Some artists require masks, others do not. If you prefer your artist to wear a mask, please let us know. If you do not have a mask and your artist requests you to wear one, we will provide you with one. Please make sure your mask covers your nose. If your mask does not cover your nose or has trouble staying up, we will provide one. 
  • You will fill out the consent form on your phone. If you forget your phone or have trouble with the digital consent form, we will be available to help.
  • You may bring one person with you. 

If you have any questions regarding our new policies, please text us at 563-322-0257.