General FAQs The Silver Key's Frequently Asked Questions

Our artist's have their own minimum, and it ranges from $100 to $125. The minimum is located on the individual artist's page.

All of our artists charge by the hour.  Depending on the artist, it ranges from $120 an hour to $200 an hour. 

Due to COVID, we currently only allow one guest with the client. 

No, you must be 18 to be in our tattoo studio. Although if you are just stopping by for a second or doing a quick consult we will not kick you and your children out. Please just keep in mind this is a very open tattoo studio so it is not recommended to have your children in here and if they are they must be in the waiting area.  NO children are allowed during the actual tattoo. No exceptions. 

Yes, we do! You may purchase a gift card at any amount and there is no expiration date to your gift card. We also offer our gift cards for purchase online with free shipping or you can pick it up at our studio. 

Please Note: Gift cards cannot be used as deposits. Click here to order Gift Cards online.

Gift Certificates are non-refundable. 

Yes, we do require either a $50 or $100 deposit that goes to the overall cost of your tattoo.  Your $50 or $100 deposit is non-refundable or transferrable to another artist; although if given a full 72-hour notice we can reschedule your appointment. If you do not provide at least a 72-hour notice of rescheduling, your deposit will be forfeited. After 3 times of rescheduling your appointment your deposit will be also be kept by the artist.

For your convenience, some of our artists allow you to make your deposits online. If you plan to make your deposit online, please schedule your tattoo prior to making your deposit. For all other questions regarding deposits, please call us at (563) 322-0257. 

Yes, we do offer one free touch-up. Some artists require it to be requested within 6 months and others require it within a year. 

Please note that when your tattoo is completed and if you feel something is missing or something you would like touched up during the tattoo appointment, then you must say it at your appointment. Our artists want you to leave with the tattoo you envisioned leaving with. So please do not be shy and say what is on your mind before you leave. All artists will give you time to inspect your tattoo prior to completion.

The one touch-up allowed is also up to the artist. If they believe the unsatisfactory healing of your tattoo was due to your negligance, the touch-up will be up to the artist's discretion.  

Yes, we have multiple tattoo artists that are experienced with cover up tattoos. 

Yes, if you feel as if your previous artist abilities or negligance was not to your expectations, than we would be happy to make your tattoo what you are hoping for. Please note: This also depends on the tattoo, sometimes there is not much that can be done due to the tattoo being too dark, large, ect. We will set you up with a consultation with an artist that we believe can achive what you are looking for. 

No, we currently do not have a piercer or jewelry.

The Silver Key does provide privacy screens for those more "personal tattoos". Also, some of our artists are willing to take you in on a Sunday (we are typically closed on Sunday's) if you prefer complete privacy.  Please let us know if you would like privacy screens or if you prefer to be scheduled when the tattoo studio is not open. 

Your comfort is our goal so please let us know if there is anything that we can do to make your tattoo experience the best possible!

We currently are by appointment only. If you would like to see if we are accepting walk-ins please visit our homepage and you will see a banner saying that we are now accepting walk-ins.  Also sometimes you can just walk in at the right moment and we might have a last minute cancellation. It never hurts to just stop by!

Yes we do! 

Although, you have to wait until the scar is completely healed before you can cover it with a tattoo. In most cases, the scar should be white and not red or pink. Avoid covering up fresh scars with a tattoo because the older the scar, the better it's more likely to take the ink pigment.

You can always stop in and show us and we can let you know if we would be able to tattoo over it or not.