Scheduling Process How to schedule w/ an artist at the silver key

Page Last Update: 2/5/2024

artist's accepting new clients

Josh Kilby
Scheduling February to May

Josh's Specialties: Boobs & Butts Themed Tattoos, Handwriting, Linework, Traditional

Josh Kilby

Andrew Hoffman

Andrew Hoffman
Books Always Open!

Currently, Scheduling April 2024 and On
Andrew's Specialties:
 Japanese, Floral, Illustrative, Cover Up

artists books that are closed

& how to get notified when they reopen

Step One

step 1

Sign up for our emails (located at the bottom of any page of our website) or follow us on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) to get notified when an artist is taking on clients or when a guest artist is coming to town.

Step Two

step 2

When you receive the email, click on the link OR if you are notified via social media, click the link posted. Read the important information listed on that page and then fill out the form to request your tattoo appointment.

Step Three

step 3

After all requests are submitted, the artist then chooses the tattoos he/she prefers. Our office manager, Molly, will then text all clients on if their tattoo idea was selected by the artist and schedule the ones that were. 

cancellation list

What it means and more

Sign up for our cancellation list for when our books are closed or you do not want to wait! Our cancellation list means just that, when we get a cancellation we will send you a text to see if you want to fill that appointment. Cancellations are not guaranteed, and we do not pull the requests in order. Our artist's choose the request they want to fill their cancellation based on time alloted and design.

Sign Up For Our Cancellation List Today!