Scheduling Process Scheduling, Tattoo Process, and More

How the Scheduling Process Works:

  • When we open up an artist’s schedule we book 3-4 months at a time. As an example, if we have an artist booked until the end of February, we would be opening the books sometime in mid to late February for March through June.
  • We first contact all continuing-works clients and get them scheduled. These are the clients that are getting larger works that need multiple appointments; for instance, clients that are getting sleeves, full back pieces or other larger tattoos that can't get completed in the previous 4 months. 
  • After we get all of the continuing-works tattoos scheduled, we then open up the books to new clients by sending out an email to announce that the artist’s books are open. This is our only way right now of announcing that the artist’s books are open. To sign up for these emails please go to our website and at the bottom you will see an area that says “SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAILS” .   Here is a screenshot showing where to sign up:
  • We always send out emails at 10am CST. We recommend to check your emails every day at that time. 
  • When you receive the email, click on it, it will then take you to a form that you will fill out to request an appointment with that artist.
  • We will then call or text everyone in the order that they contacted us to get them scheduled. We have been known to close the appointment request form within anywhere from 1-48 hours after opening the books so please fill out the form the email takes you to as soon as you get it.
  • Sometimes it takes us about 2-4 weeks to get back to everyone and get them scheduled. If you feel like you have been waiting awhile and want to make sure you got on the list, feel free to call us at 563-322-0257.

Another Option – Cancellation List: 

  • Another option of getting in sooner is to sign up for our cancellation list, which you can sign up on our website here:  — Cancellations are not guaranteed but they do happen from time to time. Please make sure to fill out all the information correctly on our Cancellation List form and if we get a cancellation we will text you to see if you would like to fill the spot. If you receive a text and for some reason cannot make it, please text us and let us know. If we receive no response, we do take you off the cancellation list.